I am back

Wow, it has been a long time since I wrote my last blogpost. Probably you wonder why I write now in „English“ and not „German“ anymore. Well, you know…I´m since June 2018 in the states and hear everyday English. My brain is in English, I dream in English, watch just American movies and of course in English. Every time when I want to write a new blogpost for you guys in German, I had no idea how to start or to write in German, because my brain just could think in English.

It sounds really complicated when you never been for a long time far away from home, in another country, with another language. And the people that did, there I can imagine that they know exactly what I´m talking about.

I think it confused me the couple of months so much, that I just said I don’t write anymore and also thought about to delete my blog. The thoughts about it, made me kinda sad, because I write since 2016 and my blog is like a little baby that I saw growing. We had up and downs. I remember that I lost my blog in April 2018, shortly before I came to the USA. All the work was just gone. But I didn’t want to give up, so I sit down for  hours on my laptop to create a new Website and trust me, I had no idea what I´m doing. I never give up and you can see the results now.

BUT now I am back. The only think that is gonna change here is that I´m not writing longer in German and that I don’t have a special day, where I´m gonna post.

That’s it for now.

The only thing that I wanna tell you quick is: PLEASE note that my english is still not perfect and I do still some mistakes, but I give my best to check everything. But I´m sure you can still understand me. 🙂


Sabrina ❤


PS: Here you find me on Youtube

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Zwei Mädels, 130 km von einander entfernt. Sara und Freya nehmen dich mit in ihre Gespräche über sich, ihre Erlebnisse und Meinungen. Wenn du nicht an einem perfekten Podcast interessiert bist, sondern ab und zu das Chaos hören willst, bist Du hier genau richtig.

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